Sofi Organic Boucle 6 Piece Towel Set- Denim Blue

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- 100% Organic Cotton - a friend to the environment

- Organic fibres are magic on your skin. It’s handpicked, so is less prone to breaking, making this beauty unbelievably soft

- Textured drop pile boucle weave. This means Sofi is a bit fancy (boucle is French for ‘curled’, as the yarn is spun with twisted loops), which is what gives Sofi unique good looks

- Fast drying, because your time is precious

- Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard as we love the earth as much as you love your home


- 100% Cotton

- Extra long staple Zero Twist yarn - this is how Aria makes your skin sing

- Wonderfully soft plush pile

- You’ll find yourself abandoning your robe (and your partner) for Aria’s touch

- Substantial hand feel - it will never rub you the wrong way

- Extra thick - we did say they were perfect

- Distinctive border design - because Aria respects your boundaries and does so in style

- Ultra-absorbent - may be the only time you ever enjoy being left high and dry

- We know you’ll have a happily ever after, so these beauties are covered by our 5-year warranty against manufacturing faults

- Made in India

The whole package

- Includes: - This one literally has everything: 2 x Bath Towels, 1 x Hand Towel, 2 x Face Washers & 1 x Bath Mat

- Sizing: Bath Towel 69cm x 137cm. Hand Towel 45cm x 65cm. Face Washer 33cm x 33cm. Bath Mat 60cm x 90cm


- Is tender and shy, so: wash in cold water separately before use.

- Don’t get too hot and heavy: gentle machine wash at max temp 40°C, wash with like colours.

- Likes to look their best, so: do not use bleach. Avoid excessive use of fabric softeners and detergents containing optical brighteners.

- Likes to go slow, so: line dry in shade or tumble dry on low heat.

- They want you to have a life outside of them, so: don’t waste time ironing or dry cleaning.""

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